How to Insulate Your Windows

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Did you know that your home could be losing up to 30% of its energy through the windows? Keeping your windows properly insulated can save you money and keep you and your family warmer this winter. Here’s how.

• If the exterior caulking is crumbling along the window frames, replace it before the cold weather really sets in
Make sure to do any caulking before the weather is too cold, otherwise it won’t apply properly
• Insulating the sash of the window is important, but don’t forget about places like the glass itself
• Don’t rely on just one form of insulation; use a combination of weather stripping, window film and energy-saving window treatments
• Replace any old, worn down weather stripping after wiping down and cleaning the window sash
• Keep in mind that price is an indicator of quality; investing in higher quality insulation materials will last longer than cheaper versions
• Install thick, full-length curtains that cover the entirety of the window; curtain rods should extend past the windows on either side

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