100 Years of Bryan’s Fuel

Providing More Than Just Fuel for a Century

Rooted in Orangeville, Ontario, Bryan’s Fuel has grown alongside our community for 100 years, evolving from a local garage to a trusted partner in home heating, fuel, and HVAC solutions. As we mark a century of service, we look forward to continuing our legacy of constantly innovating to meet your needs with the same honesty and care we have always been known for. We invite you to explore and celebrate our past, present, and future with us.

Our Purpose

At the heart of Bryan’s Fuel is an unwavering commitment to being the preferred provider of home heating and comfort products in the central Ontario region. We understand the importance of aligning with the needs of our customers, team, and the broader communities in which we live and work, ensuring that our actions and decisions are always guided by a deep sense of responsibility and a desire to make a meaningful difference.

We are driven by a set of core principles that have been guiding Bryan’s Fuel for 100 years that are integral to who we are and how we operate:

  • Providing quality products and services
  • Fairness and integrity in all relationships
  • Community involvement and promotion

Excellence in Every Interaction

We are dedicated to delivering only the highest quality products and services, ensuring that every customer experience is truly exceptional. Our commitment is to your comfort and satisfaction.


Unwavering Fairness and Integrity

At every turn, we strive to cultivate relationships built on trust, honesty, and mutual respect. We believe that integrity is the foundation of all enduring relationships, both within our team and with those we serve.


Active Community Engagement

We are an active participant in our communities. We take pride in our involvement and promotion of local initiatives, understanding that our success is intrinsically linked to the health and vibrancy of the region we call home.

Watch Our Journey

In our 100th year, we’re bringing our history to life through a documentary that weaves together the stories of those who have been instrumental in shaping Bryan’s Fuel. From founding family members to our current and past employees, supporters, and loyal long-time customers, each voice contributes to providing a glimpse into the heart of Bryan’s Fuel. Watch the video to reflect with us.

The Evolution of Bryan’s Fuel

We’ve grown through eras. From rebounding after a 1934 fire, adapting to post-war and housing booms, to recent additions of underground propane tanks, we’ve evolved to meet our community’s comfort needs.


In 1924, Roy D. Bryan, an Amaranth farmer, purchased a livery stable and blacksmith shop at what is now the location of the Leaders Building in Orangeville. From this location, Roy initiated an automotive dealership and garage selling Star & Durant, Essex and Hudson cars, Rugby trucks and BA Gasoline.

In 1929 Roy was joined by his younger brother Wilson and the business was expanded to include the buying and selling of hay and grain. In those days, a steam hay press did bailing and at their peak, Bryan’s had four such press gangs operating across Southwestern Ontario. Contracts with dairies and bakeries (both of which used horse-drawn wagons for door-to-door delivery) and the Toronto Stockyards kept a steady stream of Bryan’s trucks flowing to Toronto.


To make a two-way paying trip, Bryan’s entered the coal business in the thirties. At that time coal was the predominant heating method and sold for $10-12 per ton. Bryan’s Fuel remained in the coal business with several yards around Orangeville until the mid-1970s.

The garage business suffered a major setback when the building was destroyed by a spectacular fire on Christmas Day, 1934. The Bryan family, who lived in the apartment over the garage, were also homeless. Rather than give up, Roy and Wilson rebuilt and expanded with a new garage.


After six years as a bomber pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and obtaining a diploma in Business Administration from the University of Toronto, Roy’s son Glen returned to Orangeville and joined the family business. The post-war boom was a good time for automobile sales, cars were readily available again, and people had money to spend.


The mid-1950s saw the start of another new housing boom in Orangeville. At that time, Glen saw the opportunity to go into the home heating oil business.

“In 1956, I bought a used oil truck with an 800 gallon tank from Milnes Fuel in Toronto. My first customer was Keith Hunter who wanted the tank filled at his new home on Elizabeth Street. The tank truck wasn’t ready, so we delivered the oil in pails.”

– Glen Bryan

In 1959, the Garage was sold and the fuel and coal business was moved to 108 Mill Street and was operated from a small office next to the old grain elevator onsite.


In the 1960s, third party contractors performed almost all heating service work. In order to provide a superior service, Bryan’s Fuel began to offer service on oil-burning equipment. Within five years, installation was added to the roster of offerings at Bryan’s Fuel. Although a modest beginning, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning business has grown to be a significant portion of the total operation.

In 1966 the business moved to 42 Green Street. This was the location where the Bryan’s oil trucks picked up their fuel. Bryan’s Fuel took over management of the fuel plant, but Shell continued with the ownership of the property. This move allowed for more space for storage of furnaces and duct work and allowed parking of oil trucks and service fleet.


In the 1970s, Greg joined his father in the family business, marking a significant step in the company's evolution. With his arrival came a period of continued growth for the HVAC business, as Bryan's Fuel expanded its services and offerings. Notably, during this time, Bryan’s Fuel began to cultivate its own customer base by installing oil-burning equipment, providing the required oil supply, and offering maintenance services for the equipment as needed. This strategic move not only solidified the company's position in the market but also contributed to its reputation for reliability and comprehensive service within the community.


In 1983, Bryan's Fuel established itself as a Lennox Dealer, a partnership that has endured over the years as we continue offering quality Lennox products to customers up to the present day.

In 1988, Roy, equipped with valuable expertise as a registered professional engineer and a Master of Business Administration, joined the business, bringing new skill sets that contributed to its growth.

In the same year, Greg and Roy took over the reins of the business from their father, Glen, as he transitioned into semi-retirement.


Throughout the 1990s, Bryan’s Fuel experienced significant growth, expanding its customer base, fleet, and workforce. The company embraced new opportunities, entering the burgeoning new construction market to offer custom heating and cooling solutions tailored to clients' needs.

In 1996, Glen, the patriarch of the business, officially retired, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter for Bryan’s Fuel. The following year, in 1997, the company relocated to 400 Richardson Rd, a move that provided larger office space, a full warehouse, and the capacity for much larger onsite fuel storage, including diesel, gasoline, and furnace oil.

The year 1999 held special significance for Bryan’s Fuel as it commemorated 75 years of dedicated service to Orangeville and surrounding communities. This milestone underscored the company's enduring commitment to delivering quality products and services.


In 2000, Bryan’s Fuel expanded its offerings to include propane and propane equipment, a decision driven by Roy's vision for substantial business growth.

By 2003, the company ventured into the Geothermal business, tapping into emerging energy trends.

In 2005, Bryan’s Fuel bolstered its propane services with the construction of a propane bulk plant at 400 Richardson Rd, featuring two 30,000 USWG propane storage tanks, enhancing its ability to meet increasing demand.

In 2007, Greg retired and Roy carried on the family tradition. Since 2007, Bryan’s Fuel has continued to grow as they service customers in Orangeville and beyond.


In 2014, Roy’s son Graham joined the team as Service Manager after finishing his degree in Business Administration from Acadia University. Laura joined her father and brother in 2018 as the Marketing Manager. Together, Graham and Laura proudly represent the 4th generation of Bryans dedicated to carrying on the family business.


Bryan’s Fuel has been a pioneer in adapting to changes within the home heating market, excelling in the installation of air-source and ground-source heat pumps. Concurrently, the company has expanded its custom home HVAC department, ensuring it remains a comprehensive provider of residential heating and cooling solutions.

With a fleet comprising 11 propane trucks and 5 fuel trucks, Bryan’s Fuel guarantees efficient delivery of energy products to its clientele. Supported by a dedicated team of 70 employees, the company maintains its commitment to delivering exceptional service and expertise.

In a notable milestone, Bryan’s Fuel recently installed two 50,000 USWG underground propane storage tanks, pioneering the first above and underground propane storage tank system in Canada. This reflects the company's dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Celebrating its 100th year in business, Bryan’s Fuel looks back on a century of growth, achievement, and community service. This milestone underscores its rich history and promises a future of continued success and commitment to excellence.

Pieces of Bryan’s Fuel History


A Century Forward

As our team looks ahead, we are excited to continue our legacy of providing exceptional HVAC and fuel services, ensuring that your home remains a haven of comfort and efficiency. Here’s to another hundred years of warmth, comfort, and trusted service. We’re here for the long haul!

Thank You to Our Customers

Our customers have always been at the heart of Bryan’s Fuel, playing a pivotal role in shaping our journey. Your trust and loyalty have fuelled our growth. As we look towards celebrating our centennial, we are filled with gratitude for your part in our history and excited about your role in our future.

Thank you to everyone who shared a piece of Bryan’s Fuel history with us. Long-time customers have found old Bryan’s Fuel postcards, calendars, thermostats, and other interesting finds from as far back as the 1950s. Take a look at these items in our office the next time you stop by!


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