How to Winterize Your Home

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With our changing seasons comes the need to adapt to different weather conditions. But no matter how ready you are for the winter, it won’t make a difference unless your home is ready too. Follow these steps to winterize your home so you can enjoy all that the season has to offer!

1) Patio

If you haven’t already, take some steps to protect your patio, including furniture and other outdoor essentials. Bring in any patio furniture you can and cover up the furniture you have to leave outside. Drain garden hoses and store them in a warm place, and cover or store your barbecue. Keep piles of firewood protected from snow and moisture.

2) Seal gaps

Check your foundation and walls for any gaps and seal them with foam and caulking. This doesn’t just prevent the warm air in your house from escaping – it also prevents critters and creatures from taking up residence over the winter!

3) Get a doormat

Make sure to get a strong, durable and winter-ready doormat for your front door to keep snow, slush, dirt and water outside. Keep boots on a plastic boot tray to prevent damaging your floors inside, and encourage your guests and family members to wipe their boots generously before they come inside.

4) Change furnace filters

Don’t let your furnace work overtime this winter. This can cost you money and shorten its overall lifespan. Change your filters before the season starts, and make sure you’re changing them regularly over the season to keep them clean and your furnace efficient.

5) Add insulation

If you’re not satisfied with your home’s insulation and ability to stay warm over the winter, try adding extra insulation to your attic and basement, especially if these areas are unfinished. This doesn’t just cut down on your heating costs – it’ll also reduce sound. Whether you choose foam, fiberglass or cellulose depends on a number of factors, so call a professional for help.

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