At Bryan’s Fuel, we offer two different options for supplying propane tanks for your home or business. Our propane tanks can either be rented annually by the customer or purchased outright by the customer. Please note that propane tanks for seasonal use are purchased only.

Propane Tank Rental Prices

Our propane tank rental rates will remain fixed during the lifetime of the tank, so you will always know what price you are getting for your propane.

*please note the pricing below does not include generator tank rentals*

420 lb. Propane Tank Cylinder

Volume: 364 Litres (Tank Filled to 80%)
Price: $90.00 annually

500 Gallon (USWG) Propane Tank

Volume: 1609 Litres (Tank Filled to 80%)
Price: $150.00 annually

1000 Gallon Propane Tank

Volume: 3218 Litres (Tank Filled to 80%)
Price: $240.00 annually

Propane Tank Purchase

Customer-owned propane tanks may earn a $0.015/liter discount on propane fuel. During the rental period, propane tanks may also be purchased for the current purchase price less 4% annual depreciation.

420 lb. Propane Tank Cylinder

Volume: 364 Litres (Tank Filled to 80%)
Price: $1,346.00

500 Gallon (USWG) Propane Tank

Volume: 1609 Litres (Tank Filled to 80%)
Price: $4,504.00

1000 Gallon Propane Tank

Volume: 3218 Litres (Tank Filled to 80%)
Price: $7,354.00

Additional Propane Tank Services

At Bryan’s Fuel, we are proud to be a full-service fuel delivery company that also offers professional and affordable installations, inspections, and monitoring services for propane fuel tanks.

> Propane Tank Installations

> Propane Tank Monitoring

All prices listed on this web page may vary depending on the actual installation conditions and do not include 13% HST. For a more accurate quote, please contact us for a written quote at cost or obligation.

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