Home Remedies for Keeping Colds At Bay

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Cold season is upon us, but with some help from some natural products you might just have in your pantry, you can kick a cold before it takes hold!

1) Garlic – Its natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties make it a great home remedy for colds. It’s best taken raw, so try one or two cloves of minced garlic in a small glass of water and take it in one shot!
2) Coconut oil – Naturally high in lauric acid, your body converts coconut oil into a compound with potent antimicrobial properties, helping to boost the immune system and prevent illness. You can take it with food, in hot tea or straight out of the jar
3) Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice – Added to a glass of water, either of these liquids can help to kill bacteria and viruses. It’s best taken at the first sign of a cold and repeatedly until the symptoms go away
4) Nasal wash – By rinsing your nasal passages with filtered water, you can help clear out excess mucous, pollutants and bacteria that might not be able to drain themselves. Doing so can help your normal nasal mucous fight infections and allergies

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