Quick Tips to Organize Your Garage

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With gardening and the outdoor season winding down, take some time to do some garage organizing. You’ll thank yourself next spring!

1) Know what not to store: Your garage is humid and the temperature is always changing, so make sure you’re not storing anything in there that won’t last. Avoid storing paint, cardboard, food and other items that will be affected by moisture and changing temperatures.
2) Organize according to your needs: Identify what you use your garage to store the most of and organize around that. If you’re an avid gardener, make a corner for a gardening station. If you’re a woodworker, organize your tools and equipment that will make using and accessing them easy.
3) DIY – Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on storage systems if you don’t want to. You can DIY a lot of storage solutions yourself, like wall storage for hanging gardening tools.

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