Bryan’s Fuel’s Home Fixes You Should Do This Fall

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With winter on the way, that means cold weather, lots of snow and ice, and potentially hazardous conditions for your home. To avoid any major winter damage, these are the best home fixes you can do for your home in the fall.

1) Foundation

You should always check your foundation in the fall, even if your home is new or you don’t think there are any leaks in your basement. Walk around the outside of your home watch for any large cracks. Large cracks will not only be welcoming to moisture, which can cause major damage to your home, but they can also be a great winter hideout for pests. Even if you’ve had the crack previously, take care of it now instead of waiting to see if it becomes a real problem for your home.

2) Floors

We spend a lot of time outside during the summer, so any issues with your floors might go unnoticed throughout the summer months. But the colder weather and holiday season means more people in your home more often. Take this time to fix any problems with your floors, especially your garage floor. Concrete floors in your garage won’t be able to be fixed once the temperatures drop.

3) Insulate your attic

Homeowners know that our attics are one of the main causes of heat loss in our homes during the winter. If attics are not properly insulated and sealed, the hot air that our furnaces produce rises, leaking out of the attic and adding to your electricity bill. Before you even turn your furnace on for the year, do a quick check of your attic to make sure it’s insulated properly. If any of the insulation is damaged or worn, replace it. Also make sure the insulation is evenly distributed throughout your attic.

4) Patch your driveway

Cold weather and moisture cause havoc on holes or cracks in your driveway. Make sure to take care of any major cracks of holes, otherwise if snow and ice get it to them, it can expand and make it even worse, costing you even more money to fix it. It’s best to fix your driveway on a mild day, and make sure you remove any debris from the crack before injecting any sealants.

5) Flush your water heater

Over time, sediment can build up in your water heater, taking up space and preventing your water heater from being able to operate at its full capacity. It’s best to flush your water heater before the winter – as you likely use more hot water in the winter – to make your unit more efficient and save you money. It’s an easy fix if you have a floor drain nearby.

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