How to Properly Store Fuel

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With all of the appliances, vehicles and small engines we have around our homes that use fuel, it’s important that they’re all properly stored for optimum safety.

• Put them in different coloured containers to identify them
• Make sure they are clearly labelled
• Containers should be sturdy and have a good seal
• Don’t store fuels in transparent containers
• Store in a place where children and animals cannot access them
• Store gasoline for up to two years
• Store diesel for up to 6-12 months
• Store kerosene for up to three months
• Don’t mix kerosene with other fuels and store it outside but away from direct sunlight
• Store propane in well-ventilated outdoor area, upright, and away from anything flammable

For more fuel safety tips for Orangeville, Shelburne, Owen Sound, Collingwood and Caledon homeowners, check out our fuel safety for gas & fuel appliances.

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