Fuels: How to Bring Your Lawn Mower Out of Winter Hibernation

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With spring officially here, the weather starting to warm up and the spring rains starting to make everything grow again, that can only mean one thing: a thick, lush lawn! And that means you’ll need to bring your lawn mower out of hibernation before you know it. Follow these tips so you can extend the life of your lawnmower and maintain its shape.

  1. Read your owner’s manual for specific maintenance instructions
  2. Change the oil and/or fuel to make sure your mower lasts a long time; it’s best to change the oil every spring
  3. Sharpen your lawn mower blade; a sharper blade means a healthier lawn, and you’ll avoid that brown, frayed grass that’s susceptible to disease that comes with a dull blade
  4. Make sure all the nuts and bolts are tightened and that your mower doesn’t have any other loose parts
  5. Make sure any safety shields are in place and not loose
  6. Clean the intake screens and fans, and keep them clean throughout the summer so your mower works properly
  7. Store lawn mower fuel in clearly marked and labelled containers
  8. If your mower is having trouble starting right away, make sure the spark plugs are clear of dirt and in working order
  9. Change your mower’s gas if you haven’t used your mower in over a month; old gas can clog the carburetor
  10. To make annual maintenance easier, clean your mower’s blades and undercarriage after every use to prevent rusting and debris build up

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