Fuel Safety: How to Keep Diesel Engines Running Smoothly this Winter

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Keep those diesel engines in top shape with our tips! 

• Check the battery and have it load tested; it will also keep the oil smooth, preventing the vehicle from breaking down quickly
• Test glow plugs, harness, relays to ensure they’re operating properly; this will ensure your vehicle is operating at its best
• Use thinner oil; cold weather can thicken oil, which results in more stress on the engine
• Get the fuel system serviced to make sure it’s running efficiently
• Keep your diesel vehicle parked indoors as often as possible
• Regularly check the oil; make sure it’s not too thick and is not putting more stress on the engine
• Get regular tune-ups to avoid major problems down the road

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  • Elmi

    Love the way you yanks build. About 10 times more complex than here in Australia, but then it doesn’t snow here. I alayws get concerned when an architect is involved in building a domestic dwelling. Nearly every time they get carried away and design a complicated roof or wall which ends up leaking, either that or they build an uninspiring box. Good luck. Just one other thing, the video would have been better had the title of whatever process was demonstrated been displayed prior to the process not after.

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