Gas and Fuel Appliance Safety

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From ovens and stovetops to water heaters and furnaces, gas is a versatile form of heat with a lot of benefits. To get the most out of your gas appliances, make sure you’re following these safety tips.


• If lighting your stove requires a match, always make sure you light the match before turning on the gas. If the flame goes out before you’re able to light the stove, turn off the gas and let it clear away before attempting again
• Keep the stovetop clear of grease and food messes to avoid fires
• If a fire occurs, use baking soda–not water–to put it out; if the fire is in a pan, cover it with a lid to smother it. Consider investing in a fire extinguisher
• Make sure there are no flammable objects near your stovetop


• Don’t use your oven as a heater; you could burn yourself on a hot surface and extended use can also shorten the life of your oven

Water heaters

• Always make sure your heater is installed by a professional and that it is securely anchored to the wall
• If it’s on a platform, make sure the platform is able to carry the water heater’s weight without buckling
• Don’t store flammable or combustible materials or objects near the water heater


• Get your furnace serviced at least once a year for maximum performance
• Make sure your furnace is being checked for damage or rust
• Replace and clean your air filters frequently
• Don’t store flammable or combustible materials or objects near the furnace
• Make sure air vents are unobstructed

Always make sure you have access to the gas shut-off valve for any and all gas appliances, in case of a leak.

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