How to Save Money On Propane This Summer

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Propane is a safe and efficient source of power for home comfort systems. It’s a clean fuel that doesn’t contaminate the soil or water, and is a reliable source of power in an emergency or when you lose electricity.

If your home comfort system runs on propane, there are several ways you can save money this summer:

1. Fill up your tank in the summer

During the summer, propane prices are at their lowest. Propane is a popular choice for home heating, and as a result, prices get driven up in the winter when the demand is higher. Filling up your propane tank in the summer will help you save money — and you’ll be ready for the winter season.

2.  Consider tank size

Like many things, having a bulk supply of propane can save you money in the long run. You should consider a tank that holds a large supply of fuel. Many propane suppliers offer better prices for filling up a large tank — and you’ll be less likely to run out of propane in the heat of the summer.

3. Purchase fixed price propane

At Bryan’s Fuel, we offer a fixed price propane program to provide price certainty for our customers. To take advantage of fixed pricing, we will provide you with a contract to cover the period between October 1st and March 31st, and any delivery of propane that you receive during this time will be charged at the fixed price that we quoted you. 

4. Schedule an annual maintenance for your home comfort system

Propane-powered appliances need to be maintained regularly. Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule will help you avoid repair costs throughout the year and can help to reduce the amount of propane you’re using, which will save you some money on your energy bills.  Schedule this in the summer to ensure your equipment is in great working order before the heating system

5. Buy a solar blanket for your pool

While pool heaters are wonderful to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature, they will use a significant amount of propane.  Consider purchasing a solar blanket or automatic cover to help retain the heat when the pool is not in use.

Learn more about propane from Bryan’s Fuel, including how you can save money this summer, by contacting our team.

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  • gasNtools

    You have shared different ways to save money on propane gas this summer. It was really interesting to read. Thanks for sharing the post.

  • Jesse Ford

    Thanks for mentioning that a source of power for a home comfort system that is both safe and efficient is propane. I’m thinking of looking for a propane gas delivery service because I noticed last week that we’re running low on our heating cooling source and it always seems to be at an inconvenient time for me to try and refill it myself. It seems like a good idea to consider hiring a reputable service that can keep our homes gas power supply constantly filled so I don’t have to refill it myself.

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