What Is A Propane Fixed Price Program?

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Propane as a heating source has many benefits, including cost efficiency, versatility, being safer for the environment than other fuel sources, reliability, and more. That is why more and more Ontario homeowners choose propane as their main heating source. At Bryan’s Fuel, we are happy to help our customers enjoy the benefits of propane in their homes by offering a fixed price program.

What Is A Propane Fixed Price Program?

Similar to the stock market, propane prices fluctuate up and down regularly. During the winter season, market demands for propane typically increase as homeowners require additional propane to heat their homes. The result is higher overall prices.

In Ontario, the market price for propane changes daily, which leaves homeowners uncertain as to what their next propane fuel delivery will cost. That is why we offer a fixed price program for our customers, ensuring price certainty for the whole heating season.

Working with propane producers, Bryan’s Fuel is able to buy large quantities of propane during the summer, allowing us to offer it to our clients during the fall and winter seasons at a fixed price.

We buy propane at the current market price, aggregate it to our customer demand, and create the minimum contract size. Once the contract is determined, we offer all of our customers the ability to lock in their price for the upcoming heating season.

What Do You Need To Do?

  1. Decide whether a fixed price is right for your situation.
  2. Contact Bryan’s Fuel either via email fixedprice@bryansfuel.on.ca, phone 519-941-2401, or visit us in person to receive the current propane fixed price offer.
  3. Sign and return the executed contract within the period indicated.

The fixed price program runs from October 1 – March 31 and all propane delivered during this period will be at the agreed upon fixed price rate regardless of the current market price.

Give the team at Bryan’s Fuel a call or fill out our simple contact form, and we will send you a fixed price offer today!

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