How To Care For A Propane Tank

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Whether you have a propane barbecue or you use propane to heat your home, if you have a propane tank on your property, it’s essential that you know how to care for it. Improper care of a propane tank can be dangerous for you and your family.

Use these propane safety tips so you and your family can have peace of mind!

1. Keep the propane tank outside

No matter what size or type of propane tank you have, you should never keep it indoors. Propane tanks should be kept outside at all times — never in the basement of your house. You should also keep them away from open flame.

2. Be aware of leaks

The key to fuel safety is to always be vigilant about leaks. Your propane tank should never smell like gas. If you smell a gas leak, do not use your propane tank. Have it serviced immediately by your fuel professional.

3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

All propane tanks come with detailed instructions for use and safety precautions. Before you use your propane tank, make sure you read these instructions thoroughly and pay close attention to the safety warnings.

4. Don’t let your propane tank run out of propane completely

You should never let your propane tank empty completely before filling it again. Propane tanks should have some level of pressure at all times. To ensure that your propane tank always has propane in it, consider a fixed delivery contract so you never run out of propane.

5. Keep valves turned off when not in use

Your propane tank has control valves on it that allow you to control the amount of propane your appliances are using. When you’re not using your appliances, ensure that these control valves are in the off position.

6. Get repairs if you notice damage

Don’t ignore dents, rust or bubbles on your propane tank. If you notice any kind of damage to the tank  you should have it repaired or replaced. A damaged propane tank could be extremely dangerous if used.

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