Tips for Reducing Dust in Your Home

 In Indoor Air Quality

Keeping your home dust-free is an essential part of maintaining good indoor air quality. Try some of these tips for keeping your home clean so you can breathe easy.

• Get a doormat; small dirt particles are a major component of dust
• Bathe and groom your pets regularly to keep dead skin and hair from accumulating
• Keep windows closed on windy days to prevent pollen, mold spored and airborne pollutants from entering your home
• Wash your pillows – not just your pillow cases – to get rid of dust mites
• Mop floors and dust with a damp cloth to eliminate up to 90% of dust in your home
• Beat rugs outside to get rid of more dust than vacuuming
• Get a humidifier to get rid of static, which can attract dust
• Pay attention to upholstery, which also attracts dust – not just floors and hard surfaces
• Clean your blinds and fabric window treatments on a regular basis
• Invest in a good vacuum cleaner and use it regularly
• Replace your furnace filters regularly

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