Home Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid this Fall

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Do you want to make sure your home is prepared and ready for the colder seasons? Make sure you don’t make these common home maintenance mistakes this fall.

Not Cleaning Up

After a summer full of activities, there’s quite a bit to clean up going into the fall. Avoiding these clean-up tasks can cause problems during the colder months. Make sure to clean up leaves and twigs from your roof and gutters, and make sure your HVAC unit is also clear of debris.

Leaving Gaps Unfilled

One of the main reasons homeowners lose money and heat from their homes is through gaps in their exterior walls, doors, windows, attics, and other places. Try to do a thorough inspection to identify any potential areas for warm air to leak out this winter, and seal windows, doors and electrical outlets to prevent more air leaking out.

Neglecting Your Furnace

Some homeowners assume that their furnace will be in great shape after the summer. But proper, regular maintenance is essential to keep your furnace working the way it should. Call Bryan’s Fuel in Orangeville for your annual furnace maintenance to make sure it’s ready to get you through the cold winter months.

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