Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality This Fall

Poor indoor air quality can make you uncomfortable and can be bad for your health. And the fall and winter months are the most common times for homeowners to experience poor indoor air quality. Here’s how to improve it this fall:

1) Change your filters – Clean filters remove airborne contaminants from your home.
2) Clean your house – While your home has lots of airborne contaminants, there are also those that settle on surfaces, like dust mites, mold and other contaminants. Be sure to regularly wash your bed linens and vacuum drapes, carpeting and upholstery.
3) Keep your home ventilated – Even if it’s too cold to open the windows, you have options for ventilation systems to keep refreshing your home’s air
4) Control humidity – Keep your humidity at 35 to 55 per cent to be comfortable, and limit the spread of microorganisms.
5) Maintain your HVAC sustem – Get your home comfort systems regularly maintained to keep them efficient and clean.

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Reasons for Poor Indoor Air Quality

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  1. Kenny Wong October 28, 2016 at 5:13 am #

    Thanks for the tips! I seconded that regular aircon servicing of your HVAC system is very important to maintaining your indoor air quality.

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