Clever Ways to Combat Dry Air this Winter

 In Indoor Air Quality

While you may be happy that the heat and humidity of summer have gone, the dry air of winter can cause havoc on your health. Keep your home slightly humidified this winter to stay comfortable and healthy!

• Seal and caulk windows, doors, attics, electrical outlets and other leaks to stop cold, dry air from entering your home
• Turn down the thermostat a couple of degrees to stop producing so much artificial heat, which contributes to dry air; put on a sweater to mediate your temperature
• Dry clothes on a radiator, whether from the washing machine or if you’ve been out in the rain
• Use your stove top for cooking as much as possible, as cooking releases moisture into the air, whereas your oven will dry your air out more
• Boil water to produce moisture and add some essential oil drops like tea tree or eucalyptus to make your home smell great and reduce your risk of catching a cold

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