Furnace Tips: Dry Air Problems and How to Fix Them

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As Shelburne, Collingwood, Owen Sound, Orangeville and Caledon homeowners know, winters in Ontario can be dry, and our furnaces often only add to the dryness in our home. Here’s how it affects us, and what you can do to stop it.

Illness Prevention

Membranes lining your throat and nose are designed to capture dirt, dust, viruses and bacteria before they enter our bodies. When these membranes are too dry, they lose their ability to capture these particles. Humidity helps membranes do their job.

Nose & Skin Health

Most of us breathe through our noses most of the time, and dry air can dry out our noses and make them itchy, sore and uncomfortable. Properly humidified air helps keep our noses and breathing comfortable. Similarly, our skin dries out when there is not enough humidity in the air, leading to cracked, flaking and itchy skin. It can also contribute to eczema and acne. Humidified air helps curb dry skin.

Damage to Your Home

Dry air seeks out moisture, so during the winter months it will start to pull out moisture from wherever it can find it – including wood floors, your home’s frame and windows. This will undoubtedly cause cracks to form and add to your electricity bill.

Think you have poor indoor air quality? Read more about the symptoms.

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