How You’re Making Your Home Dustier

 In Indoor Air Quality

Dust is unsightly, messy and contributes to allergies. You could be contributing to the dust in your home in the following ways:

1. Fuzzy rugs – the fuzzier they are, the more dirt and dust that accumulates in them and the harder they are to keep clean on a regular basis

2. Using old rags and dusters to clean – instead, invest in a microfibre duster or cloth

3. Not having a doormat – it not only keeps your floors clean, but it prevents people from tracking in small particles of dirt, dust, pollen and pet dander from outside

4. Using an ancient vacuum – older models aren’t as good at picking up dust, so it might be time for an upgrade

5. Dry air – higher humidity means that dust can’t cling to surfaces as well, so try to maintain your home’s humidity at about 40 to 50 percent

6. Not cleaning your filters – having dirty filters in your HVAC system allows it to consistently pump dust into your home’s air

And don’t forget about these cleaning tasks, which also contribute to dust!

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