Get Your Cottage Ready for Summer

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Think it’s a little early to get your cottage ready for summer? Think again! Lots of people in the Owen Sound, Collingwood, Shelburne, Orangeville, Caledon areas and beyond wait until the May 2-4 weekend. But we think it’s a great idea to get it done early so you can actually enjoy the first signs of summer!

1. Take a walk around

When the snow has melted and you can see all of the exterior parts of your cottage, do an outdoor inspection. Check for holes around the outside of your cottage, especially those that look like they’ve been used by a critter recently. Check for broken windows and replace them, as well as any branches that might pose a threat to your cottage. Check your roof for signs of damage and check your deck to see if you need to replace any deck boards.

2. Check on the water supply

Hopefully you’ve turned off your water supply and emptied your pipes for the winter – otherwise, you’ll want to be on the lookout for any burst or frozen pipes. Reconnect the pipes and start your water pump. Make sure your hot water tank is full before turning it on.

3. Check for any unwanted visitors

Mice and squirrels are a pretty common sight in cottages, but make sure you’re keeping the critters under control. Check for signs of infestation over the winter like accumulated droppings and nests. Plug any holes in your wall with steel wool, as mice can’t break through it.

4. Air it out

Over the winter, dust and allergens have probably accumulated with the lack of circulation. On a nice day, open all the windows and doors and get some good air flow going to improve the indoor air quality. If you have an air conditioner, inspect it to make sure it’s in working order for those extra hot days.

5. Stock up on fuels

If you have a gas stove, make sure it’s still in working order and is still hooked up properly to the gas pipe. Test the burners to make sure they don’t need to be fixed. Make sure your barbecue has plenty of propane so you can fire it up as soon as possible! Check any recreational vehicles and other equipment to make sure they are lubricated properly and have enough fuel to start enjoying them immediately.

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