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Itching to do some projects around the house? Here are some great projects that are perfect for the winter.

1) Plan any remodels

Most people do their renovations in the spring and early summer, so if you’re looking to do a big remodel, use this time to really lay out a plan for what you want. Get organized and start planning early!

2) Make your home more efficient

Do an audit of your home’s energy use and identify areas where things could be made more efficient. Whether it’s replacing all of your light bulbs with energy efficient ones or checking your attic for proper insulation, there are lots of ways you could potentially save yourself money and energy.

3) Organize your home

Once the warm weather arrives, you won’t want to spend much time cooped up inside, so take this time to do some major home organizing. From your garage to closets to bathroom and kitchen cabinets, de-clutter your home wherever possible.

4) Do little repairs

Have a wobbly doorknob or a squeaky door hinge? Take some time to fix up these little annoyances so you can focus on bigger projects in the spring.

5) Clean up and maintain your tools

While most of us know it’s best to clean off your tools after use, it’s easy to get lazy or forget. Take the time to maintain both gardening and household tools, clean off rust and lubricate them.

Need some more winter maintenance ideas? Check out our checklist!

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