Fuel Safety: Winter Recreation Vehicle Safety Tips

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Don’t let the winter cold keep you indoors. Make the most of the snowy Ontario weather and get out on those snowmobiles and ATVs! Just remember to stay safe.

• Don’t drink and ride: Just like you wouldn’t drink before driving a car, you should never drink and drive a recreational vehicle – it’s the leading cause of snowmobile accidents and deaths
• Maintain a reasonable speed: It can be tempting for some people to really rev those engines, but speed is also a major cause of snowmobile accidents; always make sure you have time to react
• Keep a first aid kit: Especially if you’re going somewhere a little off the beaten path, it’s best to be prepared for accidents or getting lost; carry things like a flashlight, map, and compass
• Always wear a helmet: This is a “no-brainer,” but you should always wear a helmet when operating or riding on recreational vehicles
• Watch out for water: with the fairly mild winter we’ve been having, not all bodies of water will be covered with ice – but they might be disguised by snow, so stay alert

Bryan’s Fuel wishes you all a safe and fun winter!

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