Fuel Safety: Mid-Winter Farm Equipment Maintenance

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If you own a farm in Orangeville, Owen Sound, Shelburne or Collingwood, you probably own a lot of large farm equipment like tractors, cultivators and rotators. While much of this equipment stays dormant over the winter, there is some maintenance required to keep it in its best shape for the spring.

1) Try to keep farm equipment indoors over the winter; if this isn’t possible, consider buying a heavy duty tarp or other cover for each machine
2) Keep moisture away from sealed bearings; inspect frequently and dry any sealed bearings
3) Make sure moving parts are kept lubricated
4) Treat bare metal with rust preventative solvent spray
5) Keep some spare parts in your shop or garage that are most likely to need replacing in the next year
6) Draw up a maintenance routine specific to each piece of equipment

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