How to Keep Your Propane Tank from Freezing

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Southern Ontario is no stranger to cold snaps – but if the weather gets too cold, it can damage or freeze your fuels. Propane freezes at temperatures below -44 Fahrenheit (about -42 Celsius), and dropping temperatures can also affect the pressure in propane tanks.

If you don’t have a heat source to keep your propane tank from freezing, you should be keeping it as full as possible.

Heating blankets or insulated blankets are great for keeping propane tanks warm, and they won’t lead to combustion

You should always avoid heat sources that involve open flames, as propane is highly flammable. Also avoid products that aren’t temperature-controlled. These products can cause propane tanks to overheat, resulting in cracking in your tank and propane leaks.

Always store your propane and other fuels safely during the winter and make sure things are properly labelled!

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