Prep Your Home and Furnace Before You Go on Vacation

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For many homeowners, winter is the season for heading down south for a vacation. To have peace of mind while you’re away, take these steps to prepare your home.

1. Electronics

Unplug any unnecessary electronics – from TVs and charging tablets to small appliances, these all use electricity even when they’re not turned on, and also have the potential to start a fire.

2. Heat

Turn your heat down, not off. Turning your heat off all the way can lead to burst water pipes if the temperature outside gets too cold, but turning it down to about 16 degrees Celsius will at least save you some money on your heating bills. You can also turn down the temperature on your water heater to save money and energy.

3. Tell the right people you’ll be away

Never advertise on social media that your house will be empty for an extended period of time. But it is a good idea to tell your alarm company, credit card company and any other relevant service professionals that you will be away.

4. Enlist the help of a neighbour, family member or friend

If you’ll be away for a while, ask a neighbour, family member or friend that you trust to keep an eye on your house while you’re gone. They’ll be able to check your mail and clear your driveway if it snows, so your home doesn’t look empty for burglars. They’ll also be able to water any house plants you have while you’re away.

5. Lighting

Consider getting a timer for some of your indoor lights – making your home look lived in while you’re away will prevent it becoming a target for burglars. You’ll also save energy as opposed to leaving your lights on the whole time you’re away.

6. Clean out the fridge

Take the opportunity to clean out your fridge and, if it’s empty after cleaning it out, unplug it to give your electricity bill a bit of a break. It’ll also mean you don’t have to worry about coming home to rotten food at the end of your vacation.

7. Take care of maintenance issues before you leave

Some maintenance issues can really turn disastrous if not taken care of right away – so make sure all aspects of your home are in working order before you leave. Leaving it until you come back can be a huge mistake.

For any home comfort needs, call Bryan’s Fuel before you go away for that hot and sunny vacation this winter!

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