As the seasons change, it’s important to get preventative maintenance to make sure that your heat pump is ready to go . A poorly maintained heat pump can lead to a number of problems, including decreased energy efficiency and higher energy bills.

At Bryan’s Fuel we offer comprehensive maintenance services for all types of heat pumps. Whether you have a mini-spit or an absorption heat pump, we’ll make sure that your system is running safely and efficiently, so you can stay comfortable all winter long.

Included In Your Preventative Maintenance Heat Pump Service

✔ Check Air Filters

The air filter should be checked at the beginning of each heating and cooling season. A dirty air filter will reduce airflow and put a strain on the heat pump’s motor. We’ll ensure that your filter is clean and functioning properly.

✔ Inspection of Outdoor Unit

Inspecting the outdoor unit will help to identify any irregularities in your heating and cooling system that could pose future problems. Outdoor coils occasionally accumulate moisture and mildew that needs to be cleaned. 

It’s important to remove any debris that has accumulated around your outdoor unit, such as leaves, twigs, or dirt. If your heat pump is located close to any branches or shrubs that are touching the unit, they will need to be trimmed back.

✔ Thorough Cleaning

Just as you would annually clean your furnace, the interior housing unit, indoor coil, and heat pump blower should be cleaned by a professional. 

TIP: Following a DIY heat pump maintenance checklist yourself could void your warranty, and leave you paying out of pocket if your system stops working. 

Benefits of Proper Maintenance

  • Increased performance and efficiency
  • Increased air quality
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Reduced cost of replacement parts

Get Coverage – Sign Up For An Annual Service Plan Today

Here’s what you should expect from your heat pump maintenance plan, to ensure you get the best value for your budget:

Dependable Service

Trained service technicians should deliver the friendly service you have come to expect when you need it most. At Bryan’s Fuel, we provide 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Our professional service technicians will keep your equipment in top condition. Our annual inspections include inspection, adjustments, and the cleaning of your heating and cooling equipment to keep it in peak operating condition.

Price Assurance

You should know what it will cost to keep your equipment operating for the next year without any costly repair surprises.


At Bryan’s Fuel we have a large, well-trained team of service technicians, a fleet of service trucks, and a well-stocked parts warehouse at the ready. We will be able to help you when you need it most.


Should a problem exist with your heating or cooling system, we will tell you what is wrong and recommend ways to remedy it.

Get Your Heat Pump Serviced Today

​​No one wants to wake up with a chill in the middle of winter and realize that your heating isn’t working, but that’s a real possibility if you skip your annual maintenance. Heat pump maintenance is not just about fixing problems with your unit that already exist, but is key to preventing future problems. Changing filters, and cleaning fans and coils will help you save you money on repairs and damages in the future. 

We offer maintenance plans for equipment that’s under warranty. Register for the plan that is suitable for your system, or call to schedule an individual service appointment today.

Maintenance Plans: For Equipment Under Warranty

Learn more about the annual maintenance contracts we offer for furnaces, air conditioners, and other HVAC equipment still covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.

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