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You depend on propane to keep your home comfortable and your business running smoothly, and the team at Bryan’s Fuel wanted to find a way to support you, our loyal customer, for the long-term — and we think we’ve found it!

We’re excited to let you know that, to ensure that we are there for all your propane needs now and well into the future, we are installing two 50,000 USWG underground propane storage tanks at our location. You may be wondering, “How does this help me?” Here’s how:

1. More Propane Storage Capacity To Meet Your Needs

These new underground tanks will more than double our overall storage capacity on-site. This makes a huge difference to ensuring that we can meet the needs of both our existing and growing customer base. We want to make sure that your home is always comfortable, and your business and farm operations operate effectively — improved propane storage will help us help you.

2. Refilling Delivery Trucks Faster To Serve You Faster

We’re also increasing the number of loading and off-loading spots for our trucks and for the carriers that bring in our propane supplies. More spots means faster filling and unloading. Reducing the filling time means that our trucks will be back on the road quicker, getting propane to your location more efficiently.

3. More Propane Without Higher Prices For You

These enhancements will not impact your rates. The team at Bryan’s Fuel will continue to maintain our daily rates and our Fixed Price Program without offloading the installation costs to you. Your business means the world to us and we will continue to do what’s in the best interest of our customers.

Local Business Collaboration

We’ve partnered with local companies on our expansion project to reinvest in the communities that have supported us for nearly 100 years. Thank you to everyone who has played a vital role in this project so far:

  • Beatty Petroleum Consulting Inc.
  • W.D. Tait Enterprises
  • Leal Construction Ltd.
  • Grand Valley Crane
  • Orangeville Pre-cast Concrete Ltd.
  • Acton Precast Concrete Limited
  • R.J. Burnside & Associates Ltd.
  • Van Harten Surveying Inc.

We are dedicated to continuing to provide you with the reliable propane service you’ve come to know and trust, so you can rest easy and go about your day-to-day life without disruption.

Stay tuned for more updates, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest from Bryan’s Fuel, and if you have any questions, please reach out.

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