4 Reasons to Install a Whole House Humidifier This Winter

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In Southwestern Ontario, a humidifier is a must during the winter months to counter the negative effects your furnace can have on your home’s humidity levels.

A humidifier offers several benefits for your health, comfort, and the preservation of your house. These benefits include alleviating dry skin, improving breathing-related health issues, and extending the lifetime of wooden features in your home, such as floors, doors, and furniture.

You may be debating between using portable, single-room humidifiers or installing a whole house humidifier this winter. In this blog, we share the top 4 reasons to consider a whole house humidifier.

Whole House Humidifier vs. a Portable Humidifier

1. Even Humidification

Portable humidifiers use a water tank to blow moisture in a small space or a single room. As long as there is water in the tank, humidity levels are improved, but you will have to replace the water daily.

A whole home humidifier blows hot air from the furnace over a water panel to deliver moisture evenly throughout your home. The unit is connected to your home’s water supply so there is no tank to limit capacity. You will not need to worry about cleaning and filling a water tank.

2. Low Maintenance

Portable humidifiers need frequent maintenance to remain safe and operational. The tank can be a breeding ground for mould or bacteria if it isn’t cleaned on a regular basis and if tap water is used instead of distilled or demineralized water.

One of the greatest benefits of a whole home unit is that it is an install-it-and-forget-it appliance. The only maintenance required is changing the water pads about once per year.

3. Lower Operational Cost

By tapping into your furnace, a whole house unit can humidify your entire home for less energy than a portable unit is required to humidify a single room.

4. Less Noisy and Intrusive

You need multiple portable units in order to humidify your entire home. Furthermore, the bubbling of heated water or the fan noise can be intrusive.

Seeing as a whole house humidifier is attached to your home’s HVAC system in a basement or closet, it is quieter and out of sight.

At Bryan’s Fuel, we can install a whole house humidifier to ensure the proper humidity levels in your home throughout the colder months. For more expert tips and advice to maximize your home comfort, be sure to visit our blog or contact us today.

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