Top Benefits Of A Humidifier For Your Home This Winter

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Winter is upon us, and Southern Ontario homeowners are all too familiar with the dry, chilly air that the season brings. Cranking up the heat can solve the chilly part of that equation, but many homeowners forget about the dryness factor.

Given that we spend 90% of our time indoors during the winter months, balancing your home’s moisture levels and restoring your comfort is very important. Here are the top three benefits of installing a whole house humidifier this winter.

1. Prevent Dry Skin & Health Issues

Are you experiencing dry skin, cracked lips, itchy eyes, or irritated nasal passages? These are the effects of dry winter air, which are only made worse by your furnace.

Because 50–60% of our body composition is made of water, dry conditions extract moisture, leaving behind dry skin, chapped lips, bloodshot eyes, and even nose bleeds! Moreover, dry air has been shown to worsen certain health issues such as a cold, the flu, asthma, and allergies.

2. Feel Warmer (and save on heating!)

It’s a well-known fact that humid air feels warmer than dry air given the fact that, with higher moisture levels, our bodies are less prone to sweat, leaving us feeling warmer.

An added benefit of a humidifier is that it helps to make the air feel warmer, allowing homeowners to save on heating bills! Warmer humid air means your thermostat can be lowered, thus conserving energy and saving you money.

3. Help Preserve Wooden Surfaces

Dry air can wreak havoc on wooden floors, furniture, doors, windows, and even musical instruments. It can create creaks and cracks in your hardwood floors. Wooden doors and window frames can contract, making them difficult to open and close. Legs and arms on chairs and tables may begin to wobble as the joints loosen. Pianos and guitars can dry up and lose their lustre. This is all because wood is a porous surface that needs a constant and regulated level of moisture to look its best and last as long as possible.

In summary, a humidifier can help mitigate all of these potential issues and concerns. Just as you may need a dehumidifier in the summer to keep your home comfortable, the dry, cool air of winter makes a humidifier an equally sound investment. For more ideas and solutions to beat dry air in your home this winter, check out this post.

At Bryan’s Fuel, we’re your home comfort experts. If you are interested in learning about the benefits of a whole house humidifier — or any of our other home comfort solutions — contact us today to find out how we can help.

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