What to Consider When Replacing Your Water Heater

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On a day-to-day basis, you likely don’t pay much attention to your water heater. But your water heater is an essential home comfort system that keeps you and your family comfortable, and makes getting warm water as simple as turning on the faucet.

When your water heater starts to malfunction, it can cause a lot of anxiety and issues throughout your home. If you’re looking to replace your water heater, consider some of these factors first.

Is Gas an Option?

Water heaters come in a range of options in terms of how they’re powered, and gas is one of the most popular choices. But you’ll need to ask yourself if gas is an option for your home, as not all homes have a natural gas line already installed. If you have a gas water heater already, or other gas-powered appliances like a stove, fireplace or furnace, you’ll know whether or not gas is an option for your new water heater.

Can I Have Fuel Delivered?

Many water heaters run on propane or oil, which can be delivered on a regular schedule so you’re never out of fuel for your water heater. Consider the costs of having these fuels delivered to your home and whether that’s something you’d like to have. Companies like Bryan’s Fuel will provide you with a propane or oil tank, then fill your tank up on a schedule depending on how much fuel you’re likely to use. It’s a convenient way to get the fuels you need, and Bryan’s Fuel even offers a fixed price program for propane.

Do I Have Enough Power for an Electric Water Heater?

Electric water heaters are another popular option for homeowners who prefer not to rely on gas or fuel for their home comfort systems. Before choosing an electric water heater, you should check your circuit breaker panel in your home to make sure it will be able to deliver the amount of power needed for your new water heater. Even if you’ve had an electric water heater in the past, a newer model may require more power. Weigh your options and think about whether you’d be able to have an electrician replace the electrical components for your new water heater.

Should I Switch From a Tank Water Heater to a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless and tank water heaters have different plumbing and venting requirements, so switching from one to the other isn’t as simple as just buying a new model. Make sure you know of any potential additional costs that may be required for switching your style of water heater, and whether these costs will pay off in the long run. Call for a no cost no obligation quote.

How Big Does My Water Heater Need to Be?

Water heaters come in a range of different sizes, and you should choose the size of your new water heater based on how much water you use. If you have a big family and there’s always a washing machine, shower or dishwasher running, you may want to consider sizing up. Or maybe your children have all grown up and moved out and your hot water needs have changed. Whatever your situation, there are options for you. Buying a water heater that’s too big will mean wasting energy, whereas a smaller water heater may not be able to meet your water heating demands.

At Bryan’s Fuel, we carry and install propane, gas, oil and electric water heaters – both tankless and tank – to fit your home and the needs of your family.

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