How to Protect Your Home from Damage this Winter

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As pretty as the snowy winter weather is, it can also be potentially damaging to your home. But with a bit of preparation and forward thinking, it’s easy to protect your home.

Snow Build Up on Your Roof

Your roof is your first defense against the weather, especially in the winter. But built up snow and ice can be damaging. Ice dams happen when the heat from your attic escapes and melts the snow on your roof. It then refreezes, forming a layer of ice and trapping water. This is dangerous because it can cause water to leak into your home and cause damage to its interior. Be sure to clean gutters in the spring and late fall to avoid clogged gutters, and check that your attic has enough insulation. And if there’s a heavy snow fall, consider hiring a professional to shovel your roof.

Exterior and Interior Plumbing

Pipes and plumbing that’s not properly insulated can burst or freeze. Consider insulating your interior pipes or increasing the insulation in the walls around them. If there’s a particularly bad cold snap, consider opening your cabinet doors under sinks to allow for better circulation. Always disconnect exterior hoses before the winter, and have basements and garages properly insulated. For exterior pipes, use a weather-resistant insulation. If you suspect a frozen pipe, turn off the water source immediately and call a plumber.

Furnaces & Heating Systems

Having a properly maintained furnace, fireplace or other heating system isn’t just essential for keeping your home and family warm. Skipping maintenance can cause fire or even smoke damage. Get your chimneys cleaned every year, and make sure if you have a wood burning stove that you have a fire screen. Get regular, annual maintenance on your furnace once a year or more if necessary. Always keep portable space heaters at least three feet away from flammable materials like window treatments or furniture. Replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms every six months.

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