5 Ways You Didn’t Know Your Home Was Losing Energy

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Every day, your home is probably losing energy. And if you don’t know where to look, it’s not easy to fix.

1) Unsealed windows & doors

Windows and doors are a huge culprit when it comes to energy and heat loss in our homes. Don’t assume your windows and doors are sealed properly – take some time to caulk the interiors frames between the frames and the wall. You can also replace the weatherstripping, especially along the windowsill.

2) Recessed & canned lighting

If you have old recessed lighting, it’s likely that it’s not sealed properly. They often have holes and gaps in the ceiling that allow the air in your home to escape. Get them insulated by an electrician or other insulation professional.

3) Worn out bathtub caulking

Did you know that the edges around your bathtub are also areas where heat can escape from your home? Caulking around the bathtub wears and dries out over time, to be sure to re-seal it not only to avoid energy loss, but water damage as well.

4) Outlets & switches

Air can escape your home from the tiniest of spaces, and one of these is the areas around your outlets and light switches throughout your home. These gaps are between the drywall and electrical box, so take out the switch plate cover and fill the gaps

5) Window panes

Do you have single pane windows? These allow of a lot of temperature transfer and can cause your furnace to work even harder than it has to. Consider replacing them with energy efficient windows – they’re worth the investment!

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  • Sharon Maguire

    Although I knew most of these ideas, a reminder was great!
    There were also a couple of tips that I learned.
    Thanks for the info..

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