How to Prevent Flooding In Your Home this Spring

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Ahh, spring! The birds are chirping, the snow is (hopefully!) gone for the year and Orangeville, Shelburne, Owen Sound, Collingwood and Caledon homeowners are coming out of hibernation.

But with the warmer weather comes the potential for spring rainstorms and other flooding risks. Make sure your home is prepared for flooding with these tips.

1. Clean your gutters

Keeping your gutters free of ice, leaves and other debris is your best defence against flooding. It’s also important to make sure your downspouts are pointed away from your home’s foundation, and long enough that the water spills out a few feet away from your house.

2. Check your foundation

Do a quick inspection of your home’s foundation, both inside and outside. If you see any cracks in your basement or on the exterior foundation, fill them with epoxy. If there are major cracks, however, you’ll want to get them inspected in case they are signs of larger issues in your home.

3. Purchase window well covers

If you have window wells for your basement windows, these are huge flooding risks. Purchase window well covers to prevent flooding from water that can build up.

4. Make sure your water heater is in working order

Most home leaks occur in the basement, which is probably where your water heater is located. If you suspect a leak is coming from your water heater, get it serviced or replaced immediately.

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