Winter Home Damage You Can Avoid

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Your home is put through a lot during the winter months in Orangeville, Shelburne, Owen Sound and Collingwood. Make sure you’re prepared so you can avoid these potential home disasters.

1. Bursting pipes – Bursting pipes can be catastrophic. Make sure your water pipes are properly insulated, and the walls in your home don’t have any cracks. Sealing drafty doors and windows can also make a big difference. The warmer and more insulated your home, the less likely your pipes are to burst.

2. Snow damage – Keep your driveway and walkways clear, and consider investing in hydronic power.

3. Chimney fire – Always have your chimney maintained before the winter season begins, and prevent any creosote from building up by using dry wood and letting your fire breathe.

4. Wire fires – Make sure none of the electronics in your home have frayed or damaged wires, and never overload extension cords.

5. Roof leaks – keep your gutters clear of debris and make sure your attic is insulated to prevent melting snow and causing ice dams.

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