Should I Rent or Buy a Water Heater?

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If you’re a homeowner in the Orangeville, Shelburne, Owen Sound and Collingwood, you probably have a water heater. Water heaters are an essential part of home comfort! But many homeowners don’t know that they have an option to buy or rent a water heater. Check out these pros and cons so you can choose the right option for your home.


• Worry-free maintenance and repairs; the costs are covered in the rental.
• Free installation of the water heater
• Low monthly fees
• Good option for people living in their home for a short period of time
• Beneficial for people living in areas where there is hard water; hard water can cause more frequent repairs and can lead to a shorter life expectancy of the water heater
• Rental fees do not increase over time with Bryan’s Fuel
• The total rental cost over ten years can be higher than the cost of buying one, but it includes maintenance and repairs


• You have to pay for repairs, but it’s not necessarily expensive to repair a water heater
• Buying a water heater gives you more options for eco-friendly units, better brands and higher-end models
• Being able to buy an eco-friendly water heater means long-term savings on bills
• More cost-effective for homeowners planning on staying in the same house for upwards of 10 years

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