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Summer is coming! As much as we dream of it during the colder months, there’s no denying that there scorching days when we want to be cool again. AC is very helpful and can take the edge off of the heat, but it can be expensive and hard on the environment if we’re all blasting it every day. Here are some ways to stay cool during the summer without air conditioning.

Drink water

There’s nothing like a cold, refreshing glass of water on a hot day. Plus, your body sweats more and needs more water to work properly.

Stay shaded

This is important especially during the afternoon when the sun is at the highest point in the sky. If possible, plant trees on the east and west sides of your house to stop direct sunlight from coming in the house and making it too hot.

Watch your home’s airflow

Watch the house’s airflow through areas such as doors and windows. If there are less places for warm air to get in it will stay cooler. Proper insulation will also help keep the warm air outside.

Change your sheets

Change your sheets to a light cotton during the summer. This type of fabric is more breathable and will keep you cooler during the night.

Use a fan

If you have a ceiling fan, run it counter clockwise. It won’t feel as cool initially, but it is actually better for cooling your home than running it clockwise. Instead of just moving the air around the room (which feels nice but doesn’t actually cool the room) it brings the hot air up and out of the house.

Re-purpose your hot water bottle

Use a hot water bottle backwards. Fill it up with water, freeze it, and bring it to bed with you. The outer layer gives you the perfect temperature and it won’t melt and get you wet.

Avoid using hot appliances

Avoid using hot appliances like the stove and hair stylers as much as possible. Did someone say barbeque season?

Turn off the lights

Turn off the lights when you leave the room. There are a lot of light bulbs that emit heat. It’s a pretty small amount, but it can add up over time. It doesn’t make sense to have lights on producing heat if there isn’t anyone in the room.

Unplug electronics

Similar to light bulbs, these all produce relatively small amounts of heat. However, with all the electronics and lights on, it can make a significant difference.

Open your windows

Open your windows overnight and let all of the cool air in. Just make sure to close them back up before it gets warm outside.

Next time you go to turn up the air conditioner, try some of these tips to stay cool instead. You’ll save money and the environment.

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