Benefits of a Cardlock Program

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Did you know that Bryan’s Fuel has a CardLock program? We began this program because we wanted to make fuel available to our customers in the most convenient way possible. Finding easy, convenient access to fuel can be difficult for those who are constantly travelling, especially during night hours when not as many fuel stations are open.

We have our own CardLock program with 50 partner stations throughout Ontario. In this blog we will discuss the benefits of CardLock so that you can decide if it would be beneficial for you.

It reduces wait time

CardLocks are not open to the public, so you won’t need to wait behind them while they fill their fuel. It’s sort of like having a private gas station!

It’s easy to access

Our parking lot is large and all of our stations are in areas of town that are convenient to get to.

It’s available any time of day

Payment is done through a special CardLock card, which means there is no need for an separate payment station that would require an employee. Most gas stations that aren’t open over night don’t want to have to worry about scheduling workers, but this entire step is removed with CardLock!

Billing is easy

You don’t have to worry about carrying around 10 receipts to later claim mileage from your employer, because all of the information comes in one statement. The statement is also more detailed and easier to understand.

There’s less liability. Because one CardLock card is used, credit cards or cash are not necessary for fuel purchases. No cash = no losing it.

Do you think a CardLock might be what you need? We’d be happy to discuss it with you. You can also find a map of our stations here.

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