Fuel Safety: Home Projects You Should Leave to a Professional

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DIY (do it yourself) projects can be fun and rewarding, and can be a great way of saving money in certain situations. But some Orangeville, Shelburne and Collingwood homeowners make the mistake of DIYing everything – which disastrous results. While aesthetic jobs like painting and small projects are great times to DIY, try to avoid these:

Gas piping

It may seem like a relatively simple task to attach a gas stove to a pipeline, but don’t be fooled. Gas piping and hooking it up to gas appliances is very delicate work, and over-tightening or under-tightening the connection can put you at risk for a gas leak. Gas leaks not only cause carbon monoxide, but can also cause devastating explosions.

HVAC work

Especially when it comes to the internal parts, you should avoid any DIY work on your HVAC system. Your heat pump is one of the most complicated parts of your home, and should be serviced by a professional. Aside from the safety factors associated with doing it yourself, you could void your warranty if you’re not a professional.


Roofing is a complicated process with lots of layers and steps. If something goes wrong, you risk a leak in your roof and extensive leak damage to your entire home. Roofers are also pretty quick at what they do, saving you time.

Electrical work

This one should be pretty obvious: messing around with electrical circuits or trying to install new wiring can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. The risks are electrical shock and fire, which can be devastating. There are also strict codes associated with electrical wiring, for everything from nuts to cable connectors, and violating those codes can be very dangerous. Upgrading your lighting is a great DIY project though!

Plumbing work

There are certain plumbing jobs that are fine to tackle yourself, like replacing your shower head, but really involved work should be left to a plumber. Stay away from trying to modify your water supply lines or hot water heating system. Leaks can be very damaging, no matter how small.

Tree cutting

Tree cutting can be incredibly dangerous. The danger comes not only from the saw or axe requirement, but because of the potential to damage your home, power lines, cars, or even knock yourself off the ladder.

Next time you’re thinking about saving a bit of money by doing it yourself, consider calling a professional to save yourself time and keep you and your family safe!

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