How To Prepare For A Fuel Delivery: Homeowner Checklist

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Unless you’re set up for automatic fuel delivery service (see the benefits here!), you’ll want to schedule your fuel delivery well ahead of time to avoid running out of fuel in the dead of winter or having to pay extra for speedier service.

There are a few important considerations to keep in mind when fuel is being delivered to your home. The team at Bryan’s Fuel has created the following comprehensive checklist to help you ensure a smooth, safe, and expedient delivery.

Before our friendly staff arrives at your property, please check off all the items on this list:

Fuel Delivery Checklist

▢ Driveway is safe

Your driveway should be plowed and cleared of snow, and salted or sanded to prevent slippage.

▢ Trees are trimmed

Any trees along your driveway should be trimmed to a height of 12’ or higher to prevent our truck from hitting low-hanging branches.

▢ Vehicles have been moved

All vehicles that could be blocking your driveway should be moved. This includes recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles or trailers.

▢ Path to tank is clear

The path from your driveway to your tank should be cleared and free of any items such as toys, tools, or electrical cords.

▢ Pets aren’t roaming around

Your pets should be indoors at all times for the entire length of our visit.

Our Team Can Help

A few additional notes to bear in mind are the following:

✔ If your propane tank is empty, it will shut off and you will have to manually restart it. Our team can assist you if help is required.

✔ If your oil tank is empty, it will require an oil-burner technician to restart the equipment. Again, our team can help.

In Closing

You should contact us to schedule your delivery when your tank is at 25-30% for propane, or 1/4 full when its oil. Don’t forget to check off each item before your fuel delivery arrives, and as always, we look forward to serving you to ensure that your home stays warm and cozy all winter long.

The homeowner's checklist for fuel delivery.

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  • June Fisher

    I am very pleased with the office staff and delivery personnel. They are kind, efficient, and make me feel that my business is appreciated.
    I was on auto recall last year. Just checking to make sure I am on your list again this year.
    June Fisher

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