Top 5 Reasons to Consider A Ductless Split Heat Pump for Your Home

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Is there a room in your home that never seems warm enough in the winter? Or do you have a new addition that doesn’t connect to your existing ductwork? If so, a great solution for you would be a ductless split heat pump.

As the name suggests, a ductless split heat pump system can regulate your home’s temperature without the use of ductwork. It consists of one unit per room or area, and a compressor unit on the outside of your home. Furthermore, it can heat AND cool your home, while also saving you money on your energy bills!

In this blog post, we’ll review the top 5 reasons to consider a ductless split heat pump system.

1. Heating and Cooling Solution

A ductless split heat pump is best suited for providing heating and air conditioning for single rooms, additions and supplemental support for problem areas in larger homes.

When deciding if this system is right for your space, you’ll need to have professional load calculations completed. These calculations will allow you to determine the size unit you need to meet your heating and cooling needs.

2. Easy Installation

Adding ductwork to your home might be a highly impractical undertaking (or altogether impossible). With a ductless split heat pump system, you can brush those worries aside. They are easy to install by a professional and no major renovations are needed!

3. Year-round comfort

Another major benefit of a ductless split heat pump system is that it will heat your home in the winter and provide air conditioning in the summer months as well. In addition, they provide excellent dehumidification. As a result, your home will be cooler in the summer and less damp – and that means you and your family will be more comfortable without the need for a dehumidifier.

4. Energy Efficiency

Considering that heating and cooling can be the largest contributors to your electricity bill, a ductless system presents a cost-effective alternative to electric baseboards or wall heaters. In fact, heat pumps can lower heating costs by up to 80%, compared to standard electric resistance heating systems.

5. Quiet and sleek

Ductless split heat pump systems are extremely quiet and have been shown to have a long operating life. This means that you can enjoy home comfort without the noise that you might encounter with traditional heating systems and window air conditioners. Furthermore, with their small size and sleek, minimalist design, you may even forget all about them!

Installing a ductless split heat pump system in your house could qualify you for a potential rebate. If you are interested in finding out if a ductless split heat pump is right for your home – or if you qualify for a rebate – contact Bryan’s Fuel today for expert advice.

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  • Glenn wade

    Like to know cost for 1000sq ft x2

  • Colin Lewis

    You don’t mention one of the big problems with heat pumps, which I have, is that HydrOne gave us time of use billing. My ground sourced heat pump, which is too large a current draw to put on a timer is ON intermittently 24 hours a day every day, during which it is consuming electricity during SIX HOURS at PEAK RATE plus a further SIX HOURS at MID PEAK RATE.
    Whatever happened to Storage Heaters which we used to have in England 70 years ago? They used off peak electricity to store heat in an insulated cabinet containing ceramics which was released into the house during peak rate times, during which the electricity to the storage heaters was turned off .
    The only economy I have managed is to put my basement dehumidifiers on timers and avoiding PEAKS and MID PEAK.
    Colin Lewis

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