4 Essential Tips For Homes Fuelled By Propane

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If you are new to propane or have recently purchased a home that uses propane, we encourage you to become familiar with how to properly operate and care for your propane tank. Running your HVAC equipment and other appliances on propane may be a bit of a learning curve, but the team at Bryan’s Fuel is available to help you navigate your equipment and usage. Read our 4 essential tips for homes fuelled by propane to help you get started.

? Take Proper Care of Your Propane Tank

There are a few important things you should know about caring for your propane tank:

  • It Should Never Smell Like Gas

If you smell gas you may be out of propane, first check the levels of your tank. If you suspect you have a leak, turn off your tank using the valve under the lid and call us immediately for servicing.

  • Don’t Let Your Propane Fully Run Out

Propane tanks need to have level pressure in them at all times, so it’s important not to let your tank completely run out of fuel as this can damage your equipment and leave you in the cold! Consider enrolling in an automatic fuel delivery service to ensure that you never run out.

  • Keep Your Tank Well-Maintained

It’s important to ensure that the area around your tank is clean and free of debris, including trees and shrubs. If you notice any damage to your tank, contact us here as soon as possible.

? Find Your Gauge & Check Your Propane Level

The gauge on your propane tank is located under the lid and will show your tank level as a percentage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Propane tanks are only filled to a maximum of 80% to leave room for expansion

Tank Size Total Tank Capacity (L) Total Litres at 80%
420 lb. 454 L 363 L
500 USWG 1893 L 1515 L
10000 USWG 3,785 L 3028 L

To determine the amount of propane in your tank, simply multiply the tank’s total capacity by the number that your gauge is pointing to. For example, if your 500-gallon tank gauge is pointing at 60%, you have 909L remaining (1515 x 0.6).

? Prepare for your Delivery

Being prepared for a propane delivery is important to ensure you never run out. Here are our top tips for preparing for your fuel delivery:

  • Sign up for Automatic Propane Delivery

When you sign up for automatic fuel delivery with Bryan’s Fuel, You will be put into a worry-free degree day system that predicts when your tank level is between 20-30%. Our team will schedule regular deliveries based on your typical usage patterns to ensure that you never run out of propane.

  • Keep Driveways Delivery Ready

Ensure that your driveway is clear of snow, trees and brush, and sanded in the winter. By keeping your property ready you will help ensure no delay on deliveries, prevent potential damage to your property, and of course, protect you and our employees.

? Get In Touch With Us

  • Set Up A Customer Account

If you move into a new home that has rental propane equipment (i.e. propane tank or hot water heater) through Bryan’s Fuel, we will automatically transfer the equipment to you. Bryan’s Fuel will deliver a new customer package with all the important information about our company and your propane equipment. Please contact the team at Bryan’s Fuel to set up a customer account and delivery schedule..

  • Inform Us Of Any New Equipment

Propane is very versatile, it can fuel everything from hot water heaters, fireplaces, kitchen ranges, BBQs, clothes dryers, and more. If you add new propane HVAC equipment or appliances to your home, please let us know as it will impact your usage and automatic delivery schedule. As your propane provider, we will do a complimentary inspection on all new equipment to ensure the safety and integrity of your installation.

  • Check Before You Dig

The gas line from your propane tank to your home or garage is buried 24” underground. If you plan to make changes to your property, call Bryan’s Fuel as we offer complimentary gas line locates to our propane customers. Knowing where the gas line runs before you start to dig can prevent costly damage to the lines.

Call Bryan’s Fuel’s customer service line and we will have someone guide you along step-by-step if you have any questions about your propane equipment.

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  • pat

    how do i clean mildew off my submarine propane tank

    • Bryan's Fuel

      Hi Pat, if you’re having trouble cleaning your propane tank, we would recommend calling our office at 519-941-2401. They’ll be able to provide some advice to help you.

  • Nikki

    Great company. Service was organized, prompt and very professional. We received a totally new heating and
    cooling system and our house is a wonderfully comfortable environment again. Graham and his
    crew were superb at giving me the information I needed as a home owner to make the right decision. They
    made a big job very easy for me. Very honest and dependable people.

    Thanks to everyone at Bryans Fuel.
    Nikki Baker

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