4 Symptoms of Dry Air and How to Fight Them

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If you have low humidity in your home, you are likely to experience the side effects of dry air. At Bryan’s Fuel, we’re committed to helping our customers increase their indoor air quality, that’s why we’re talking about the 4 symptoms of dry air and how to fight them.

Dry and Itchy Skin

One of the most common complaints from anyone living with dry air is flaky, dry, and itchy skin — especially in the winter. Your skin needs moisture to feel comfortable and, unfortunately, when the furnace is running in full force without a humidification system, you might be feeling this symptom of dry air on your skin.

Sinus Issues

There are several sinus issues that can arise as symptoms of dry air in your home. Some of the most common (and painful!) symptoms are nosebleeds, nasal congestion, allergy flare-ups, snoring, a dry throat, and headaches.


Static electricity is formed when the air is dry and humidity is low. If you are seeing static in your hair or feeling it when you put on your clothes, it is a sign that the air in your home is very dry and that there’s an imbalance in the humidity levels.

Damage to Your Home & Belongings

When assessing dry air in your home, you may notice its effect on furniture and other belongings. When the air is dry, it sucks all the moisture out of things like wood furniture, flooring, and even instruments. If you notice that your wood floors have become extra creaky or other wood furniture is cracking, read on for ways to combat this.

How To Combat Dry Air in the Winter

You don’t have to live with these 4 symptoms of dry air, here are a few changes you can make to fight them:

  1. Install a humidifier directly on your furnace.
  2. Seal your home. Prevent cool, dry air from entering inside
  3. Add houseplants. Moisture evaporates from the leaves adding humidity to the air
  4. Hang your clothes to dry. Not only does it add moisture to the air, it saves money on electricity and adds a fresh smell to your home
  5. Ensure that annual maintenance of your HVAC system is performed by a professional.

At Bryan’s Fuel, our team can install a humidification system directly onto your furnace to ensure that the humidity levels in your home are just right — and you won’t have to worry about suffering from dry air symptoms anymore! Start by getting your no-obligation quote here. 

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