Furnace Troubleshooting Checklist

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If your furnace starts making unfamiliar noises or stops working completely, don’t panic! Sometimes it will only require a quick fix that you can do yourself. The Team at Bryan’s Fuel has put together a comprehensive furnace troubleshooting checklist that you can safely try before booking a service call:

▢ Check Your Power

The first thing you should troubleshoot is whether or not your furnace has power. If it appears to be off, check the breaker panel. If you have blown a fuse, or a switch has flipped, you may need to reset the breaker.

▢ Check That Your Furnace Is Switched On

The power for your furnace is controlled by a switch located nearby. In most cases, it will look just like a regular light switch labeled “furnace”. Sometimes it can be accidentally turned off. If this is the case, it’s an easy fix and your furnace functions will resume once the switch is flipped back on. If the power switch was on, please switch it off, wait 5 minutes, and turn it back on to attempt to reset the furnace. It may take a couple minutes to come back on.

▢ Check The Filter

The next step is to check your furnace filter. Your filter will get dirty with time and can become clogged, hindering airflow and becoming a fire hazard. It’s important to change your furnace filter regularly to prevent breakdowns, maintain steady air flow and to keep your air quality high.

▢ Check Your Thermostat

Verify that your thermostat is calling for heat. Also check the batteries to make sure the thermostat has power. Once you have done this, listen to see if the fan turns on and your vents are blowing warm air.

▢ Check Outdoor Vents

Take a look outside your home to see if the vents are obstructed. You want to ensure that the vents are clear of any snow, debris or surrounding plants that could be blocking the air intake.

▢ Check Your Tank for Product

If you have propane or furnace oil, check your tank to ensure there is product in your tank. If it is empty, call Bryan’s Fuel for a delivery and let our dispatch team know you are in need of a delivery.

▢ Keep Your Furnace Area Clean

As a best practice — it’s important that the area around your furnace is always kept clean and uncluttered. Refrain from hanging laundry nearby and vacuum the surrounding area to reduce fire hazards.

If you have run through this checklist and there is still a problem with your furnace, not to worry, we’ve got your back! Give us a call and we will schedule a Service Technician to determine and correct the issue.

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