Home Heating Mistakes That Could Cost You Money

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Home heating is essential to get through an Ontario winter, and as homeowners we do everything we can to stay warm and cozy through the winter months. However, you might be making some common home heating mistakes which can raise your utility bills. Here are a few don’t dos this winter:

1. Leaving the heating on when your house is empty

Whether you’re at work or on vacation, it can be tempting to just leave your heating on its regular temperature settings while you’re away. Unfortunately, this can be a huge waste of energy and money.Consider turning the temperature down when you’re not at home. A programmable thermostat is a great way to do this without having to think about it too much — and newer thermostats will offer geofencing which will enable them to turn the temperature up as you approach your home on your return.

2. Cranking the thermostat

Despite what most people believe, cranking up your thermostat does not actually heat your home faster. Instead, it will just cause your furnace to run longer, and cost you more money on your heating bill.

3. Not changing your air filters

Furnace filters are one of the most important — and easiest — ways you can cut your utility bills and save some money this winter. Change your furnace filter regularly (about once a season, or more if you have pets or have had renovations in your home) so your furnace can continue to work at its highest level of efficiency.

4. Relying on your fireplace for heat

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting down by a crackling fire on a cold winter night. But if you plan on using your fireplace over the winter, don’t consider it a replacement for your furnace. Most of the heat from a fireplace goes straight out through the chimney.Your chimney may also let in cold air, so your furnace might have to work harder to heat your home up again.

5. Leaving bathroom and extractor fans on

Bathroom fans are a great way to get rid of excess moisture but, in the winter, consider using them a little less. A bit more moisture during the cold winter months could be good for you and your home. Leaving your bathroom fan or kitchen extractor fan on can cause your home to lose heat, as they pull the warm air out.

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