5 Things to Know Before Installing Central Air Conditioning

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At Bryan’s Fuel, we know you have lots of options when it comes to air conditioning. But choosing the right kind of air conditioner for you and your home can be tricky, and depends on a number of factors.

Central air conditioning is a great option for many homeowners. It’s reliable and convenient and can make our hot Ontario summers much more bearable. But before you book your installation, find out if central air conditioning is the right fit for you.

Get the Right Size

The most important feature of any type of air conditioner is the size. Your house size determines the amount of air conditioning you require, and choosing an air conditioner that’s not too big and not too small will make all the difference when it comes to comfort. Getting an air conditioner that’s too large will cool your house too quickly and won’t make a difference in terms of humidity. A unit that’s too small will run too often, resulting in higher energy bills and a shortened lifespan of the air conditioner. Your HVAC installer should measure your home and be able to suggest a unit that’s the appropriate size.

Prioritize Energy Efficiency

Making an effort to make your home energy efficient isn’t just smart for the environment – it’s also one of the best ways to save money. And there are a number of reasons for this. First, many homeowners can receive tax rebates and other incentives directly from the provincial government when they buy an energy efficient air conditioner. But beyond that, newer, more energy efficient units can save you lots of money in the long-run on your energy bills.

No Ducts? No Problem

Many older homes don’t have duct systems in place, which can deter homeowners from even considering central air conditioning. However, it’s almost always possible to have duct systems installed in your home without too much hassle. Ductwork can be hidden behind walls, at the back of closets, in the attic and basement without completely tearing apart your home. And if you already have old ductwork in your home, a new central air conditioning unit can be easily installed.

Filters Are Essential

No matter what size or level of energy efficiency you choose for your air conditioner, having high-efficiency filters is key. Not only will this help keep the parts in your air conditioner clean and running efficiently, but a good filter will help to reduce the pollen, dust and other indoor air pollutants in your home. Some air filters add a larger upfront cost when you have your unit installed, but they can reduce your maintenance costs and energy bills throughout the year.

Know When to Buy

Buying your new air conditioner at the right time of year can save you a ton of money upfront. There are a few good times to buy your new central air unit: during the winter, or as early as possible in the spring. Most air conditioner suppliers and installers get fully booked during the late spring and summer months, and it’s important that you get your new system up and running before the warm weather starts. Bryan’s Fuel often has spring HVAC specials so you can save on your new system.

Bryan’s Fuel in Orangeville offers a wide range of air conditioning services like installation, annual maintenance and emergency service. Learn more about our services!

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