Home Repairs You Should Do This Spring

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Ontario homeowners know just how damaging the winters can be for our homes. With snow, wind, ice and cold temperatures, our homes go through a lot over the winter months. This spring, why not take some time to do repairs to protect your home from spring rains and summer storms?

Repair Your Roof

Whether you’ve noticed a leak in your roof or not, it’s possible that your roof has sustained damage over the winter. Once the weather is clear enough, head up to your roof to do an inspection. Make sure your shingles are still intact, and make note of any damage you see to the shingles, gutters, flashing or roof itself. If you have an attic, check that too for signs of leaks.

Fix Your Windows

If you have an old home, you likely have older windows – which could be costing you money. Over the winter, you can tell if your windows need to be replaced if moisture builds up on the inside or if you see frost appearing on the interior glass. Whatever the damage to your windows, spring is a good time to either replace them or fix the seal around the edges. Replace the weatherstripping and apply caulking wherever you suspect a leak.

Give Your Exterior a Facelift

No matter what your home’s exterior is made out of, it may require some TLC after the long winter. Take a walk around your home and identify any siding that may have come lose, stucco that has been damaged or brickwork that needs a repair. Smaller repairs may have a DIY solution, but call a professional if the work exceeds your level of expertise.

Fix Fences

When the weather changes as frequently as it does in Southern Ontario, the ground changes with it. Constant freezing and thawing causes the dirt in the ground to expand, contract and shift, which will likely have an effect on any fencing you have around your property. After the ground has thawed in the spring, take stock of your fence’s stability and make any necessary repairs to get it standing upright and secure again.

Get Your Air Conditioner Repaired

Many homeowners don’t consider thinking about their air conditioner until the height of the summer – when they really need it. But it’s essential to do any needed repairs on your air conditioning unit during the spring, before the hot weather and humidity arrives. Clean or replace your unit’s filters, then book your annual maintenance so your technician can fix any problems before the summer heat arrives.

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