How to Properly Store & Handle Lubricants

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At Bryan’s Fuel, we carry a wide range of lubricants to keep your machinery running smoothly. Know how to properly handle and store lubricants so you can keep your home and family safe.

• Keep lubricants properly labelled to avoid confusion
• Don’t use labels that will wear out over time
• Take extra care when labelling lubricants that are stored outdoors
• Reduce the likelihood of contamination by using different dispensing tools for each lubricant type
• Store lubricants indoors when possible
• If lubricants must be stored outside, make sure they’re sheltered from rain, snow and other elements
• Avoid storing petroleum-based lubricants in humid conditions
• Avoid outdoor storage of water-based lubricants
• Store lubricant drums on their sides to reduce the risk of seals drying out and ingestion of moisture
• Keep drums and pails capped when not in use

Find out more about lubricants available from Bryan’s Fuel in Orangeville.

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