Benefits of a Great Duct System

Your duct system is an essential part of your home comfort system. And having a well balanced and sealed duct system offers many benefits.

1) Comfort – properly sealed and balanced duct systems can make your home more comfortable by making sure each room in your house is equally warm in the winter and cool in the summer
2) Indoor air quality – air pollutants can enter your duct system and cause them to spread throughout your home without proper balancing and sealing
3) Safety – ducts help to guide combustion gases produced by gas appliances into the outdoors, and when they’re not properly sealed or balanced, can cause these harmful gases to expel into your home
4) Save money – if you have your ducts sealed and balanced, they can reduce your energy efficiency by up to 20%
5) Environmental benefits – by using less energy in our homes with more efficient systems, the less air pollution we generate

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