Why Should I Book My Furnace Maintenance Early?

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During the hot summer months, the last thing you want to do is think about your furnace and heating system. But summer is actually the perfect time to book your furnace maintenance.

At Bryan’s Fuel in Orangeville, we get booked up for furnace maintenance pretty early. By the fall, we are usually fully booked. Booking your furnace maintenance early will ensure that your unit is maintained before the cold weather starts.

If your furnace needs to be repaired, this also gives your technician ample time to identify the problem and order any necessary replacement parts.

And if you think your new furnace doesn’t need maintenance this year, think again. Furnace maintenance is necessary for units of all makes, models and years to ensure they continue to work at the most efficient level possible.

During your furnace maintenance, your technician will:

•  Clean dirt from places you can’t see or access
•  Test airflow and make sure the ducts are sealed
•  Test the burner and pilot light, if applicable
• Inspect and lubricate all of the furnace’s moving parts
• Check the flue
• Inspect the overall condition of the furnace and components, including thermostat and controls
• Test safety, especially any carbon monoxide output
• Make sure temperature is uniform throughout your house

Don’t wait. Book your maintenance with Bryan’s Fuel in Orangeville today!

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